Friday, December 7, 2012


Welcome to the blogging world of the Georges Hall Sew'n'Sews. We are a group of enthusiasic sewers who just want to share our knowledge & our skills with each other, & whoever would like to join us. We are open to all members of the community, young and old.

9.30 am- 12.30pm
 3rd Wednesday of each month
Georges Hall Community Center,
188 Birdwood Rd,
Georges Hall

Our aims are to :-
1. Bringing together people of all backgrounds (social, cultural & religious) who share a love of sewing.
2. Provide a meeting place where like minded people can come together to socialize, learn & share.
3. Encourage & maintain a high level of craftsmanship.
4. Encourage a new generation of sewers.
5. Share knowledge, ideas & resources in the art of sewing.
6. Inspire people into making one-off original pieces.
7. Encourage problem solving with sewing related issues.

Our meeting space is a large modern hall, well lit, airconditioned, with a flat entry and plenty of parking just ouside the door. There is public transport  to the door for those that don't drive.

Please come & join us to help share the fun.

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