Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Harlequin Quilt by Anne S

Us sewers always end up with scraps. It doesn't matter what we sew, it can be clothes, quilts, bags, soft toys, furnishings, book covers, or any kind of textile project, there are always left-overs. In a word, scraps.

What to do with fabric scraps? Some of us hand them on to other textile users, some go to the kindy's & preschool's to be made into fridge art by the children. Some of us hand them over to beginner sewers to practice on, some go to the Op Shops for re-sale, some go into "Rag Bags" for the dirty trades people to wipe their hands on or clean up a mess. Sadly, some just get tossed into a bin.

 There are always uses for scraps, not matter  how small. Above is just one use for those leftover little bits that we all gather and stash away. Behold the Harlequin Quilt, made by Anne S, purely from scraps. All the fabric in this quilt is left-overs from clothing that Anne made for her grandchildren. Lovingly cut into squares which were then pieced together into a pleasing pattern. Note the striped border, and how small the pieces are! Such a clever and use of scraps!

Have you got lots of fabric scraps that you need to know what to do with? Perhaps joining our group will give you some ideas. Our next meeting will be:-

9.30am - 12.30pm
20th March, 2013
Georges Hall Community Center
188 Birdwood Rd
Georges Hall

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