Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Sewing For Charity

Our little group has only been going for nine months and we are planning a big celebration for our first birthday. Part of that will be to donate some quilts to a deserving cause. We have all  been working hard making the quilts from scraps and it is an on-going combined effort by our members.One lady has been busy cutting, piecing, appliqueing, and sorting scraps into workable colour ways. Others have been piecing, some quilting, some binding, but all have been adding their talents to the pile. It is amazing what can be made from scraps. Below we show just some of our efforts.

Heart shaped appliques.

Pretty pink fabric appliqued with parts of a vintage doiley.

Scraps made into crazy pieced blocks.

 Disappearing nine patch blocks.

Appliqued numbers to stimulate little minds.

Quilts can range from super easy to super complicated. Stitched squares like the pink one above would be a perfect start for a beginner quilt-maker. Anyone wishing to learn, or even contribute to our charity sewing, would enjoy a day with our little group. Our next meeting is on:-

9.30am - 12.30pm
15th May, 2013
Georges Hall Community Center
188 Birdwood Rd
Georges Hall


  1. I have nearly finished another one. Marylyn

  2. Great quilts ladies ... it has been a pleasure to watch what you do. Cheers Donna