Thursday, July 16, 2015

A Pink Scarf

This pretty pink scarf was made by Jenny B. The embroidered pink cotton voile was a scrap donated to our group, and it was just long enough to make a scarf. Jenny B worked a fine, turned, machine zig-zagged hem, trimming away excess fabric.

After working the hem, Jenny thought that a fringe of digitized lace flowers would just set it off. Instead, she worked a crochet edge over the hem, them made some flowers in the same thread and chain stitched lengths to attach them to the ends of the scarf. The thread was a perfect colour match which Jenny had found it in her stash.

Such a pretty scarf, for zero cost. All that was need was time and knowledge. Anyone wanting to make a scarf like this might like to join our group to learn how. Our next meeting will be on:-

19th August
9.30am- 12.30 pm
Georges Hall  Community Center
188 Birdwood Rd,
Georges Hall

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